Friday, 17 November 2017

GHost Dance at Durdan and Ray, Los Angeles

My work GHost Dance,  2014, has been selected for the exhibition The Sense of Things at Durdan and Ray, Los Angeles.

GHost Dance, 2014
medium: mixed media on wallpaper
dimensions: 20 cm diameter

The Sense of Things is curated by David Leapman of Durdan and Ray and David Hancock of the Paper Gallery
My work and the exhibition were featured in a preview from Carolina A Miranda in the Los Angeles Times.

The Sense of Things, Durdan and Ray, 1923 S Santa Fe Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90021, USA
November 4 - 25 2017. Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10 a.m.-6 p.m., Sunday by appointment
Curators: David Leapman and David Hancock
Artists: Tom Dunn, Jack Duplock, Roni Feldman, Jon Flack, David Hancock, Thomas Whittaker Kidd, Ilona Kiss, Paraic Leahy, Sharon Leahy-Clark, David Leapman, Richard Meaghan, John Mills, Sarah Sparkes

Statement: Sparkes work GHost Dance is part of a body of work investigating 'a formula for ghost-making'. Sparkes has mixed iconic spiritualist imagery from U.S.A. and Europe, creating a digital collage which has been printed onto a surface of 1970s wallpaper from the artists childhood home.

Bio: Artist Sarah Sparkes exhibits widely in the UK and internationally. Her new work,The GHost Formula, 2016 commissioned by for FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) recently toured to NTMoFA (National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts) as part of the exhibition No Such Thing As Gravity. She was the 2015 winner of the MERU ART*SCIENCE award for her film Time You Need, which she recently presented at KOSMICA in Mexico City. She runs the creative research project GHost and she has been collecting Liverpool ghost stories, as part of an Arts Council funded project. She exhibits her paintings with New Art Projects, London. Sarah Sparkes is an Associate Lecturer at UAL and she teaches art and curating courses at numerous institutions.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Tate Exchange: THE GIVE AND TAKE

I'll be presenting PARANORMAL EXCHANGE as part of Tim Etchells' THE GIVE AND TAKE at Tate Exchange on 29th September 4-5pm

Tate Modern, Switch House, Level 5 Tate Exchange FREE
THE GIVE & TAKE WITH TIM ETCHELLS 29 September 2016 at 14.00–17.4530 September 2016 at 16.00–19.45
01 October 2016 at 16.00–19.45
02 October 2016 at 14.00–17.45
THURSDAY 29 SEPTEMBER14.00    Edna Weale - Retired Conference Interpreter & Jen Calleja - Literary Translator & Lara Pawson – Writer and Author
14.45    Laura Godfrey Isaacs – Artist and Midwife & Anna Lyons - End of Life Doula
15.30    Kami Saedi - Retired Psychiatrist & Matt Blacker - Mentoring Project Manager, Hope for the Young
16.15    Sarah Sparkes - Artist and Curator of the GHost Project
17.00    Susan Steed - Co-Founder, The Brixton Pound & Tom Hockenhull - Curator: Modern Money, The British Museum

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Saturation Point 5 Year Anniversary

I am showing one of my 'portals' at Saturation Point's 5th Anniversary Exhibition.

Saturation Point | The five-year anniversary | Open studio
Saturation Point will be hosting a special event on the weekend of the 24/25 September to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the founding of the Saturation Point project by Patrick Morrissey and Hanz Hancock.

Featured artists:
Duncan Bullen, Richard Caldicott, Nathan Cohen, Deb Covell, Chris Daniels, Ben Gooding, Fiona Grady, Hanz Hancock, Andrew Harrison, Hannah Hughes, Reiko Kubota, Silvia Lerin, Patrick Morrissey, Laurence Noga, David Oates, Andy Parkinson, Jonathan Parsons,  Brigitte Parusel, Wendy Smith, Sarah Sparkes, John Stephens, Piers Veness and Mary Yacoob.

Studio 14, 2nd floor, ACME Studios, 165 Childers Street, Deptford SE8 5JR
Doors open from 12 noon to 5pm Saturday and Sunday

Nearest stations:  Deptford (High Street) / DLR Deptford Bridge / New Cross overground 

Friday, 23 September 2016

Uncanny World of Interiors

Uncanny World of Interiors
curated by Charlotte Squire

I am showing several pieces at Uncanny World of Interiors Exhibition, part of Plymouth Art Weekender.

Uncanny World of Interiors
6 Caroline Place, Stonehouse, Plymouth PL1 3PR
11am – 6pm Fri – Sun

Our interior space for living is where we are most revealed, as here we make our most personal mark. The temporary domestic space at Caroline Place showcases the work of 8 artists and designers working with everyday materials, transforming the mundane into objects of desire.
The unheimlich of Freud’s analysis wherein things pertaining to homeliness and domesticity are somewhat wrong footed by one thing or another, subjective to be sure, make us question what exactly ‘home’ is. A place? A feeling? A tribe we belong to? This is a subject that has substantial contemporary currency as migration and dislocation move cultures from places of conflict or through economic displacement. Small items may be carried from one place to another – or left behind, to be found later and integrated into the scheme of things. Such items and dislocation surface in the disrupted home environment of the Uncanny World of Interiors.

Artists showing: Madeleine Boulesteix, Oliver Burns-Garside, Bianca ChudleyLeCorre, Sarah Doyle, David Edmond, Sarah Sparkes, Charlotte Squire and Olivia Aggett (currently undertaking a residency at Caroline Place drawing directly onto the walls and wallpaper).
Instagram: @sixcarolineplace

Thursday, 22 September 2016

InSpiralLondon Festival 2016

InSpiralLondon Festival
I'll be performing eels and wormholes on Saturday 24th September, 2pm-4pm as part of InSpiralLondon Festival 2016.
You will find me along the Thames foreshore between Enderby's Wharf and Dead Dog Cove. 
Wear wellies or waterproof boots!
The performance is part of a day of performances and workshops exploring sound and walking. The day is part of a festival revolving around the InSpiralLondon project.

InspiralLondon Festival 2016

22 September to 25 September (various London locations)

Be inspired to explore the city with new spirit and open eyes and join the InspiralLondon adventure. The festival ranges across London, inviting interventions, talks, discussion and exploration along the path of the InspiralLondon trail. For festival information and to book a place, click here.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016


FLUE, Sarah Sparkes, installation, 2015


21st June - 11th July
Address: St John on Bethnal Green, 200 Cambridge Heath Rd, E2 9PA

 // ARTISTS //
Louise Beer
Jane Grisewood
Rebecca Huxley
Melanie King
Joshua Space
Sarah Sparkes

Lumen Studios present an exhibition exploring the representation of black holes, voids and portals.

Opening Party: SOLSTICE, 21st June 2016, 6pm
With talk from Chris Welch, Professor of Space Engineering at the International Space University in Strasbourg, France, where he is also Director of Masters Programs. Chris will be speaking about the representation of black holes and voids in space physics and science fiction.
We'll also be screening Sarah Sparkes film, Time You Need and DJ set by CAETVS

Opening Times:

Saturday 25 June and Sunday 26 June, 1-5pm
Saturday 2nd July and Sunday 3 July, 1-5pm

Closing Party: FIRST THURSDAY, 7 July 2016, 6pm

Look Mum No Computer Modular Synth Set

Sarah Sparkes will present a series of works exploring infinities, the void and it's intrusion into the domestic and everyday. FLUE was originally created for a hollowed out space, once a fireplace, for Other Rooms exhibition in Basement Arts Project Space, Leeds. For VOID exhibition, the artists has rebuilt the work within a dark recess below a cupboard in the Belfry of St John's.

Sarah will also be screening her film Time You Need (winner of the MERU Art*Science award 2015) on the VOID opening night, which explores the potential for consciousness to time-travel within the material limits of the human body. Using the symbolism of the portal and black hole, as they are conceptualised in both science, science fiction and the artists own work, the film presents a montage of narratives and documentation of performances and installations, which together with sonic and visual disruptions, create a liminal experience for the spectator. The proposition is that one may find, herein, the time one needs.

Jane Grisewood's Black on Black series explores darkness, blackness – the void – through different black paints on black paper. She will also be exhibiting Black Hole photographs, a typology of voids found in numerous locations around the world.  Grisewood, born and educated in New Zealand, worked as an editor/publisher in London and New York before studying fine art. She was awarded her PhD in 2010 at Central Saint Martins, UAL where she teaches experimental drawing, and has artist books in many collections, including Tate, V&A, MoMA, MACBA, Brooklyn Museum and Yale. Working across media, she investigates time and transience through the line, repetition and durational processes, where drawing is key. Recent work is inspired by boundaries between earth-bound and cosmic temporalities, invisible and visible, black holes and cosmic web.

Melanie King's current research considers how invisible forces are represented in the field of both art and science. Melanie will present a series of experimental films exploring the bubble and its' relationship to cosmological theories such as the multiverse and inflation theory.  Melanie will be showing a series of cameraless photography prints, directing light onto photosensitive paper to create void-like impressions.

Saturday, 11 June 2016


FANNY UK, Sarah Sparkes, hand decorated fan for the Art Car Boot Fair 2016
Keep your cool, at the ART CAR BOOT FAIR this year, with one of my FANNIES - hand held fans, hand decorated with UK and USA sign language.

Both USA and UK FANNY are represented in the finger alphabets of the UK and USA.

Available at the Kent Baton, curated by Nicole Mollett
London Art Car Boot Fair

Sunday 12th June, 12-6pm
Brick Lane Yard Corner, off Brick Lane and Buxton St, E1The Baton is exhibiting a series of handheld artworks this Sunday in London. In doing so, breaking the traditional gallery taboo that is the untouchable art object. A range of sculpture, prints, drawings and performances will be on offer, to be handled with care.

 Bridgette Ashton  will present a series of prints from her collaborative project ‘Caves, follies, Grottoes and Hermitages’. Frog Morris will be performing with his Vegetable Puppets. Keep your cool with one of Sarah Sparkes ‘Fannies’ - handmade fans embellished with messages in sign language. Rosie James is showing her stitched drawings.

Handle one of Beth Lanning’s delicate animal skulls made from porcelain. Flick through one of Nicole Mollett’s smallest ever publications. Hazel Stone will be showing her ‘Summit Series, Collecting Mountains’ drawing on to wood. Ask nicely and Duncan Ward will let you hold his piece entitled ‘Snowball’ made from jewellery and gemstones found on the streets of London. Behold the detailed drawings of Paul Westcombe’s onto London train tickets. Jeanine Woollard will be showing her limited edition prints, 'Tales of the Jimba Jimba'.

For more info on the whole line up go to .

FANNY USA Sarah Sparkes hand decorated fan for the art Car Boot Fair 2016